Mid-April 2011. I heard about a job fair for teachers in Madison, WI and decided to check it out. I was busy substitute teaching in one town and tutoring in another. Those two positions werechallenging   and fun, but I was looking for something full time. I talked with representatives  from a few school districts and they all seemed okay. Since I had two jobs already, I wasn’t desperate for a job. Then I saw a booth about EPIK, or English Program in Korea. It looked interesting, so I put my resume in the pile and moved on. Doing so helped change the course of my teaching career and opened doors that I never thought existed. 

Now it’s five years later and I’m attending that same yearly job fair. I’m in almost the same position, only now I’ve traveled and taught on multiple continents. Right now I feel ready to go abroad again for EFL or stay in the US and continue on Language Arts. Both fields appeal to me. 

More to come later. 

Let’s see what’s out there.