A quick update; an obligatory, cliche post about the lack of posts over the last couple of months. Here is why:

  • Despite enjoying keeping this blog and reading the blogs of others, I tend to like writing on paper more than I do on a keyboard. I have plenty of things in my journals that may get transposed here later.
  • Lots of hours on the job. I’ll explain more later. It’s a fun gig. Getting to the job requires me to join the hundreds that jam the freeways every day, but at least it gets me back on campus.
  • Before I got the job, I thought it best to adopt a tourist mentality and do a few things that as a long-time resident of southeastern Wisconsin, I should have done, like visit some art museums, breweries, and cafes. Doing so resulted in spending money that probably should have been saved, but it was fun. I also figured that once I landed a job or two, there wouldn’t be much time for running around. (This has come true).
  • Schoolwork got busier.