• My old rock t-shirts were waiting for me. I gave most of them away to Goodwill. Wearing them reminds me of I don’t wear many t-shirts anymore. That time has passed. Even that black Atomic Records t-shirt; wearing that feels like the past four years never happened.
  • I’m okay with my beat-up ’70s record player having all those stickers on it though. Or with spinning the vinyl again.
  • Hooray for Mexican and Chinese food being 15 minutes away.
  • I miss Korea’s transportation system: Trains, buses, and taxis that’ll take you all over the country at virtually any time.
    • Side dishes at restaurants.
    • It feels strange not having to struggle for the right phrase in ____. No more miming and broken grammar.
  • Libraries. Though I do miss that camaraderie of expats sharing their small stashes of books with each other. Not that I can’t swap books among friends here, but there’s something special and significant about what people take abroad.
  • The traveler’s euphoria has returned a few times in places I was already familiar with: Riverwest in Milwaukee, seeing the city skyline on I894 North, seeing a friend’s band play again. I was worried that the euphoria wouldn’t return unless I went somewhere new.