I woke up on Saturday thinking of something R said at various points during our time together in Korea, “It’s too easy to stay at home and not do anything.”

She was right. Maybe there’s something about being home that precludes exploration and rambling?

The sun was out and the air was pleasant. It was time to go to Milwaukee again, for places needed revisiting. I’d been too long outside the city and pictures needed taking. Many pictures, since it occurred to me that I hardly took any during the half-decade I lived there. Today’s post represents a small step toward remedying that.

A favorite coffeeshop. A key place in the Riverwest neighborhood. Excellent beverages and people.
Bullseye Records. I went here all the time in college. Glad it’s still there! Source: radiomilwaukee.org

Source: december.com  Record stores may be going away across the country, but Milwaukee’s holding strong from the looks of it. I confess to not going out on Record Store Day this year, but I did pay Bullseye a visit and got to say to the shop’s owner again.

Kilbourn Park, Milwaukee
Kilbourn Park, Milwaukee

Also: Thanks for all of you who’ve followed this blog 🙂