A bit of a shameless foodie post…

Actually, no, I’m not much of a foodie, if being a “foodie” means rambling on about cilantro and a restaurant’s indie credibility. None of that hipster stuff, please. I got out of that a long time ago. I go with what Don Draper [Mad Men] said when he was asked what drink he wanted: “Make it simple, but substantial.” To that I would add, “savory.”

I didn’t have to spend much money to eat well in Japan. The country is usually described as expensive, yet I rarely paid more than 1000 yen (~$10) for a meal.

Also, Japanese convenience stores stock high quality food. Usually I’d stay make sure to get a hotel that served breakfast and then eat one convenience store/cheapo meal and one “decent” meal to keep from spending too much money. The ryokan I stayed at in Hiroshima included breakfast at an additional charge, but the 756 yen per day was worth it.

Convenience store sushi. Osaka.


Rice omelet, Hiroshima. I opened it up to show what was inside.
Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima.
Fried chicken with vegetables. Hiroshima.
Tempura rolls. Train from Hiroshima to Tokyo.
Grilled fish in Tokyo in an izakaya. It made up for the stressful time of finding that guesthouse. In retrospect, it was because I had misread the directions. [I moved over to Shinjuku the next morning].
Chashu ramen. Tokyo.
Tasty cake. Tokyo. Normally I don’t eat cake, but it did go well with the coffee. It made up for the bad sleep I had the night before.
I forgot my camera at the time I ate this tasty hamburger/egg/rice/salad dish, so I took a photo of the menu instead. Tokyo.